VIDEO: Mobilizing to Defend Our Communities in the November Election

derrick presents during a zoom meeting

How do we build a movement to defend our communities in the streets at the ballot box and on every level? Watch the video below to see us dive into this vital question.

On Wednesday, September 13th we gathered together to discuss this question with people who have loved ones in prison, people who have recently returned from prison and others in our communities.

In this moment the far right is building a movement. The Republican candidate for Governor Doug Mastriano epitomizes that effort. He is a Christian nationalist who wants to subvert democracy to continue to build power for his movement–the far right. He will ban abortion and he will create restrictions on voting so that he and his movement can rig Pennsylvania elections to determine the national election in their favor.

However, we are building a movement too. In the past few years our movement has organized hundreds of people who have been negatively impacted by the PA prison system. We know what our communities need: jobs programs that pay people in our neighborhoods a living wage and provide dignified work, restorative justice initiatives and resources for transformative anti-violence efforts rooted in the community.

Not only do we know what we need, but we are building the power to get it. We are getting people organized, building leadership for liberation and creating practices like volunteer canvassing efforts to get out the vote in defense of our people.

Do you want to talk with people in Germantown and West Philly to get them out to vote in the November election? Sign up on the form below?




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