Instead of prisons and police, we believe that good paying jobs, transformative justice programs and ending economic inequality by reallocating wealth towards our communities makes us safer.

Mrs Dee Dee speaks into a mic as people hold signs that say 'Heal Our Communities, Abolish Death By Incarceration'

Winning Second Chances for Incarcerated Pennsylvanians

Over 8,200 people in Pennsylvania are sentenced to life without parole or ‘virtual’ life sentences that ensure they will die in prison. We fight for policies that will create a pathway home for people who have turned around their lives. 

Two people hold signs that read 'Care Not Cops'

Creating Alternatives to the Police

Sending people armed with guns to respond to mental health crises and a variety of social problems is dangerous. We fight to create public safety alternatives to the police that put our communities in charge. 

Kris Henderson speaks into a mic while people stand behind them holding signs that say 'Invest in Our Communities'

Securing Resources for Our Communities to Be Safe

To take on the epidemic of gun violence our communities need jobs programs, restorative justice initiatives, violence interrupters and more. To secure the resources we need to heal we must tax the rich and reduce bloated police and prison budgets.