Thursday, June 30th: Alternatives to Policing Popular Education Event

Nikki Grant holds a mic as Kris Henderson looks on holding a 'Care Not Cops' poster. Text over the graphic reads 'Amistad Movement Power Pop-Ed Series 'Alternatives to Policing' Thursday, June 30th at 6 PM

If the only tool you have is a hammer than every problem is a nail. In America one of the only tools we give society for public safety is people trained in violence and armed with guns. For every social problem, our society creates a police response and with devastating consequences.

People are routinely harmed by the police and around a thousand people nationally are killed by them every year. Neighborhoods are surveilled and harassed. People get caught up and funneled into the prison system. Our communities suffer. 

On Thursday, June 30th join Amistad Movement Power for a popular education forum exploring alternatives to police.

There are numerous programs, institutions and policies we could adopt to replace police that would keep us safer than we are currently. Mobile crisis teams to respond to people in mental health crisis. Violence interrupter and neighborhood level restorative justice programs to settle beefs and disrupt cycles of violence and retaliation. Unarmed, civilian traffic safety officers instead of armed police enforcing traffic stops. Decriminalizing low level ‘offenses’.

Creating alternatives to the police will reduce violence and make our communities safer. Register here to join us and be part of this vital discussion.


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