VIDEO: Power Meeting - State of the Movement Spring 2022

A background shows the words 'Movement Power 2022' transposed over the photo of a rally and with some zoom attendees on the right

For years we’ve been building a vibrant movement with our friends and comrades across Pennsylvania. With our movement family, we’ve brought hundreds of family members to Harrisburg to rally for an end to death by incarceration. We’ve successfully campaigned to increase commutation at the Board of Pardons and brought people home from PA state prisons. We’ve won key victories to create alternatives to the police like the 911 dispatched non-police mobile crisis pilot program in Philly for mental health calls.

Now we are entering a new and powerful phase with our movement family in Straight Ahead and Free The Ballot. We’re coordinating closer together and moving out to contest power in the community, the halls of power and the ballot box. On May 3rd, we gathered together with people impacted by mass incarceration from across the state to talk about what’s at stake and how we can organize to win.

Check out the video of the event above. During the meeting we spoke about campaigns to hold district attorneys accountable, end life without parole sentencing, limit solitary confinement and more. Importantly, we spoke about key electoral contests in the May 17th primary and the need to get people out to vote so we can make the voices of our communities heard and contest for power at the ballot box.

After years of building in coordination with out movement fam, we’re not leaving anything on the table. In fact, we are building our own table. In a rapidly changing world, we won’t be left out of conversations about anything that affects us whether that be the criminal justice system, climate change, healthcare or anything else. We are getting organized and building a world where leaders must follow the will of the people.



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