Building Power: Talking to Our Neighbors About the April 23rd Primary

Volunteers with Amistad Power, Free The Ballot, Straight Ahead, and Reclaim pose for photo before canvassing

Every weekend, we are hitting the streets with Reclaim, Straight Ahead, and Free The Ballot to talk to voters in West Philly about the upcoming primary election and the movement to build progressive power in Pennsylvania. In less than two weeks on April 23rd, we will vote in the primary election, which will be the only election that matters in districts where only Democrats are running.

That’s why we’re mobilizing to get Cass Green elected in District 10 on April 23rd. Cass is an artist, activist, and community leader. She has worked with our movement to support victims of violence, and she’s a champion of criminal legal reforms that promote second chances.

We are also throwing the weight of our movement behind Keir Bradford-Grey. If elected, Grey would be the first Black attorney general in Pennsylvania’s history, and the only AG with a background primarily as a public defender. She considers herself the people’s lawyer and we know she will fight for the things that matter most to our communities.

Check out our full list of endorsed candidates here and sign up below to join us in getting out the vote between now and the PA primary!