Fighting For Our Future: AMP Endorsed Candidates For 2024 Elections

AMP Endorsed candidates pose under a banner that says "fighting for our futures"

We are entering one of the most politically volatile years we’ve seen since Donald Trump first took office. As he ascended to power, he and far right Republicans began a process of unsettling Democratic norms that we see continue to this day, from the obvious attempt to overturn a presidential election to the more localized attempts to undermine the will of Philly voters and impeach our democratically elected district attorney in Philadelphia. 

The centrist Democrats have done little to reassure us. Domestically and abroad, they have promoted policies that make us less safe. Currently, at the federal level they are supporting the genocidal actions of the state of Israel in Gaza and refusing to call for a ceasefire. At the local level, we have seen some return to the rhetoric of tough-on-crime politics. Our current mayor proudly called for the return of the failed policy of stop-and-frisk policing, a policy that appears to have already claimed its first victim in 2024.

In the field contesting these forces are our movements of everyday people and progressive elected officials whose support gives us more breathing room in the fight for our lives. 

It’s important that we contest for power on every terrain, and we are happy to announce our support for a slate of candidates who support second chances, police alternatives such as mobile crisis teams, and––while billionaires hoard wealth––getting our communities the resources they need and deserve. 

President of the United States

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Pennsylvania Attorney General

Keir Bradford-Grey

State Senate

Nikil Saval

Sharif Street 

State Representative 

Cass Green 

Andre Carroll 

Rick Krajewski 

Chris Rabb

Elizabeth Fiedler