A Warm Movement Family Gathering for Decarcerate and Chill

Our movement family crowds in for a photo at Pentridge Station

With the introduction of our movement's first piece of legislation to end Death By Incarceration for felony murder in Pennsylvania in May, and a case that will be heard by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court this Fall, our movement has a lot of progress to celebrate. That’s why we gathered with our movement this past Saturday at Pentridge Station for Decarcerate and Chill, an annual summer event sponsored by us here at Amistad Movement Power, The Abolitionist Law Center, Straight Ahead, Free the Ballot, and our sister organization Amistad Law Project.

With food catered by Philly’s own activist chef, Kurt Evans, the gathering provided space for friends and family members of those who are incarcerated, formerly incarcerated people, and advocates to connect and build relationships with one another. Even with the temperature in the 90s, DJ Anshi Rae set the tone for folks to be moved onto the dance floor. 

The work of ending Death By Incarceration—whether through legislation, the courts, the Board of Pardons, or changing hearts and minds to shift popular opinion—is a marathon. It is intergenerational work, where folks who laid the groundwork ahead of us passed the baton to the next generation, and we’ll keep moving until we’re all free.

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