May 3rd: Power Building Meeting with Straight Ahead and Free The Ballot

An image shows a group of people with shirts that say 'We Free Us' with text that reads 'Power Meeting: State of the Movement Spring '22. We're Building a Movement Join Us May 3rd, 6 PM

We're building a big and broad movement to get free and we're doing it with our movement family in Straight Ahead and Free The Ballot. In the community and at the ballot box, we are fighting to make sure that the issues facing people harmed by prisons, policing, class oppression and racism are not ignored and that we see real, positive changes for our communities. 

Join us on May 3rd at 6 PM to learn about what's at stake in the 2022 Spring primary election. We'll talk about campaigns to free aging people from PA prisons, end solitary confinement, create non-police emergency response units and more. Importantly, we'll also hold space to hear about the candidates the organizations in our movement family are endorsing and suggesting for the May 2022 primary election. Register for the forum here.

When it comes to the fight to bring the people we care about home from PA prisons, create alternatives to policing and win the resources our communities need to thrive, we're not leaving anything on the table. Join us as we discuss how we get people organized and build the power necessary to win.