Decarcerate Slate: Our Movement Family's Voter Guide for November 7th

An image says 'Decarcerate Slate' and shows images of Kendra Brooks, Nicolas O'Rourke, Jamie Gauthier, Rue Landau and Isaiah Thomas

Check out our voter guide with Free The Ballot and Straight Ahead below and share it with your friends, family and neighbors.

As our communities struggle for quality affordable housing, fully resourced public schools, and public safety alternatives to the police like mobile crisis teams, we must show up on Tuesday, November 7th to register our power at the ballot box. 


In that vein, we are very excited to stand shoulder to shoulder with three Black progressive candidates running for City Council who have time and time again put themselves on the line––especially when it was difficult––and stood shoulder to shoulder with movements for justice and liberation: Kendra Brooks, Nicolas O’Rourke and Jamie Gauthier. We are also excited to support for City Council-At Large our endorsed candidates Isaiah Thomas and Rue Landau who––day after day––are working hard to make Philly a city that cares for all. 


As a service for our communities, we are also making recommendations, particularly in judicial races which have a huge impact on our friends, neighbors, and families. Crucially we are asking the members of our anti-mass incarceration movement family to vote "no" on the retention of the following judges who have shown themselves to be a menace to our communities: Anne Marie Coyle, William Meehan, Paula Patrick, and David C. Shuter.


On Tuesday, November 7th vote for elected officials who will support real solutions for our communities. 


 Endorsed Candidates


Philadelphia City Council-At Large 


First Vote For:


Kendra Brooks (Working Families Party)

Nicolas O’Rourke (Working Families Party)


Then Vote For: 


Isaiah Thomas (Democrat)

Rue Landau (Democrat)

Your Next Favorite Democratic Candidate 


The Democrats running for City Council are assured to win in majority Democrat Philadelphia. We want to prioritize Nic and Kendra being able to beat the Republicans they are running against. 


Philadelphia District Council 3 (West and Southwest Philadelphia)


Jamie Gauthier 



Philadelphia Sheriff 


No Position - However We Do Not Ever Support or Vote Republican 


Philadelphia Register of Wills 


No Position - However We Do Not Ever Support or Vote Republican 


Philadelphia City Controller 


No Position - However We Do Not Ever Support or Vote Republican 


Philadelphia City Commissioner 


Omar Sabir (Democrat)

Lisa Deeley (Democrat)


Court of Common Pleas First Judicial District 


Caroline Turner

Samantha Williams 
Kay Yu

Natasha Taylor-Smith
John Padova 
Jessica Brown

Tamika Washington


Court of Common Pleas Judicial Retention 


Vote No on Anne Marie Coyle 

Vote No on Paula Patrick 


Municipal Court Judicial Retention


Vote No on William Meehan

Vote No on David C. Shuter


Superior Court Judicial Retention 


Vote No on Vic Stabile 


Superior Court


Tamika Lane (Democrat)

Jill Beck (Democrat) 


Commonwealth Court 


Matthew Wolf (Democrat)


Supreme Court 


Daniel McCaffery (Democrat––recommendation does not imply endorsement in any way. We are voting defensively against the Republican) 


Municipal Court Judge


No positon 


Proposed Charter Change Question:


Vote Yes 


Should the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to create an Office for People with Disabilities to coordinate the City's compliance with requirements to provide access for people with disabilities to City services and programs and to otherwise provide for incorporation of the Office into the City government?



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