Build Movement With Us at the Power Meeting on Saturday, March 9th

an image says Power Meeting and features photos of Keir Bradford-Grey, Kendra Brooks and Nic O'Rourle

Our movement is building power on all fronts to win second chances for incarcerated people and the resources our communities need to thrive. In a contentious election year, we are grateful for values-aligned candidates who we can enthusiastically support at the city and state level, in legislative and judicial races.

We are excited to invite you to meet with these principled progressive candidates next Thursday, March 9th at 2PM at Holy Apostles Episcopal Church in West Philly.

Hosted by Straight Ahead, Amistad Movement Power, and Free the Ballot, the event will include a town hall with our endorsed candidate for Attorney General, Keir Bradford Grey. We will also hear from movement candidates Cass Green, Rick Krajewski, Sharif Street, and Nikil Saval, along with words from City Councilmembers Kendra Brooks and Nic O’Rourke.

Register here and join us to organize, build power, and fight to win for our communities.

See you on Saturday, March 9th from 2:00pm-4:00pm at Holy Apostles Episcopal Church | 260 S 51st St, Philadelphia, PA 19139